Our Menu

Sweet things at YayLo


Our menu varies from day to day, because we like to keep things fresh.  But you can always give us a call or connect with us on social media to check that we have your favourite(s) freshly baked on the day you're coming to YayLo.

Pastry Items

Bakewell Tarts (egg) - £1.85

Frangipane slice (many flavours; nuts milk, eggs) - £3.50

Lemon meringue tarts (egg, milk) - £3.95

Yaylo - donuts


Classic chocolate Ganache cake (milk, egg) - £3.60 per slice

Millionaire shortbread (milk, soya) - £3.95 a slab

Muffins - banana and Nutella (milk, egg, soya, nuts) - £3.60

Rocky road (vegan, gluten-free oats)  - £2.85 each

Vegan chocolate cake (soya)  - £3.60 per slice

Vegan chocolate cupcakes (soya) - £3.00 each

Chocolate brownie (milk, egg, soya) - £3.00 each

Yaylo - chocolate cake
Yaylo food

Classic Favourites

Carrot cake (milk, eggs) - £3.60 per slice

Coffee and walnut cake (milk, eggs, nuts) - £3.60 per slice

Muffins - cinnamon and apple (eggs, nuts) - £3.00 each

Muffins - orange and chocolate  (DF, eggs, nuts, soya) - £3.00 each

Scone - clotted cream and jam (milk, eggs) - £3.85 each

Yaylo - cupcakes

YayLo Originals

Date, beetroot and chocolate (DF, egg, soya) - £3.60 per slice

Granola Bars (vegan, nuts, sesame, sulphates) - £3.00 each

Orange and almond cake (DF, egg, nuts) - £3.60 per slice

Vegan chocolate crunch (vegan, soya, nuts)  - £3.00 per bar

Vegan donuts, apple and cinnamon (no allergens) - £1.75 each


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