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Yaylo - Hello Happiness

Yay for happiness & joy

Lo for hello

Different ways you can enjoy YayLo


To stay

Stay, relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.


To go

Pop in & pick up coffee & tasty treats to enjoy on the go.


To order

Order delicious cake to celebrate that special occasion.


To savour

Book your afternoon tea, and savour a variety of great treats.

Our Story

YayLo - Store front

We believe in happiness . . . that state of humanity that helps us all get along in  harmony.  So we have created YayLo to be your happy place.  The name originates from two ideas; a joyful expression of happiness (Yay) and a friendly greeting (Lo, from Hello).  We designed YayLo to be a destination Coffee Shop, where you can meet with your loved ones to share experiences over a great cup of coffee and many of our gluten-free treats.

Treat yourself!

Visit us at YayLo today.  We'd love to share the happiness with you whilst you enjoy a gluten-free treat.  Vegan options available.