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This is our story.

We believe in happiness . . . that state of humanity that helps us all get along in  harmony.  So we have created YayLo to be your happy place.  The name originates from two ideas; a joyful expression of happiness (Yay) and a friendly greeting (Lo, from Hello).  We designed YayLo to be a destination Coffee Shop, where you can meet with your loved ones to share experiences over a great cup of coffee and your favourite gluten-free treats.

So, let us introduce ourselves. We are Richard and Helen, the owners of YayLo, the only gluten-free coffee shop in Reading.  To get to know us a bit better this is our story:

In 2021, after years at London Ambulance Service and a year of pandemic pandemonium, Richard was looking for a change in life. Helen was working at a specialist medical consultancy. So Richard started to look to fulfilling a dream of his, the ability to live in chocolate and coffee heaven.   

We both love coffee and Helen is gluten intolerant. We found the most awesome-ilicious gluten-free coffee shop in the heart of Reading. And so, here we are, moving lock, stock and barrel from London to Reading and owning a wonderful establishment with a great reputation. We really want to make YayLo the perfect place to build our dream of creating a happy environment with friendly staff, where you can come to relax, chat, share, have a treat and take a break from the busy-ness which is life.

YayLo - Store front

And of course we have built a website to allow you to order the goodies you have come to know and love. And we will be adding more treats to the website and also be able to deliver some of our yummies to your door.

Whilst we are both the owners, it is Richard that you will most likely see in the coffee shop (although Richard still works 3 days a week for the NHS!).  Please say hello – or even better, Yaylo!  He’d love to chat to you!

Come and visit us today!